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26 March
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 This is not me, this is Jared Padalecki. Technically, I am a 5'1 midget : if I raise my hand high enough while standing on a stool, I can almost reach Jared's chest 

Welcome to Smallworld inc.

Location : Tokyo (Japan)/ Paris (France)
Nationality : French
Fandom : Supernatural, Sherlock, Resident Evil, Heroes

 Hum..Your style looks familiar...Don't you already have an account here on LJ ?

I do but don't tell my Mum and boyfriend about this one. They are convinced I am a serious person who is only interested in show canon and gen fics.... I had to create a second account for..hum...the kind of stuff that would leave Jensen Ackles' parents speechless. 

Will you post here often ?

It depends on the inspiration...Not as often as my other account but I will try to make smallworld_inc  interesting enough.

Do you take requests ?

No, I am sorry, I don't. I already have two accounts, take part to a lot of fandom related and non-related projects so it's difficult for me to take commissions, I hope you understand.

Can I use your fan arts for icons, banners, etc ?

No problem, as long as you credit me, you can use them for whatever you want BUT no sales on Ebay, Etsy or elsewhere. 

Can I use the little green characters from your background for my layout, icon, banners, etc ?

NO. I spent hours creating my layout and the background illustrations so please, don't use them. But as I said above, it's ok for the fan arts. 

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